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MT Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago, IL

The structural integrity of your home is preserved through the efforts of tuckpointing contractors in Chicago. Water can penetrate the mortar that bonds the brick joints together, causing deterioration and the need for tuckpointing in Chicago before further damage is done.

At MT Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago, our experienced masons use the test tools and practices to give you the best possible tuckpointing results. We ensure a full understanding of the various types of aggregates used, local environmental conditions, and the age of your home, all important factors when considering any tuckpointing project. Mortar matching takes great skill that elevates our expert tuckpointing contractors in Chicago over the average masonry professional. Initially, your tuckpointing repair may be visible, but our exceptional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can blend it in beautifully. It should be noted that it is impossible to provide an exact match to the existing mortar, and climate, including UV rays, rain, ice, and age, plays a significant role in the way the mortar cures.

The Benefits of Brick Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Have you checked your chimney’s condition lately? Keep in mind that your mortar needs to be replaced at some point. Once the mortar deteriorates, the moisture can enter your chimney.  When the mortar is weakened, consider having tuckpointing. MT Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago offers top-notch tuckpointing service to stop the process of destruction.

Tuckpointing stops the corrosion process. Moisture can cause the brick masonry to break apart, and performing tuckpointing can extend the chimney’s life by providing waterproof mortar joints. However, if the mortar joints are left unrepaired and neglected, the tendency is for excessive amounts of water to seep in and cause damages, mold, and mildew forming. If this happens, the brickwork will crack and expand. The aesthetic beauty of your chimney can also be restored with tuckpointing. When the chimney of your property is in good condition, it increases its value. Call our tuckpointing contractors to restore the structural stability of your chimney in Chicago.

The Tuckpointing Chicago, IL Process

The process of tuckpointing in Chicago begins by removing old mortar joints up to one inch depth. Tuckpointing contractors remove mortar by utilizing an angle grinder.

Match the brick color of the existing building when you mix a new mortar. To do so, blend mortar pigment, which usually takes time for experimentation. Record the accurate ratio of mortar to pigment to mix the next batches the same.

After filling the joints with wet mortar, smooth it to achieve a slightly indented curve or a flat surface.

Tuckpointing companies in Chicago like MT Tuckpointing Contractors in Chicago use a masonry brush to remove debris and dust from the ground-out mortar joints or high-pressure air nozzle.

Using the new mortar, masonry and tuckpointing contractors in Chicago fill up the joints starting from the horizontal joints.

When the mortar starts to harden yet still semi-pliable, tuckpointing contractors in Chicago utilize a tool and a straightedge to scrape straight lines between newly filled joints.

What Exactly Is Tuckpointing Chicago, IL

Bricks can be astoundingly durable materials that can last for centuries. However, the mortar that holds them together is a whole different story. The binding material for keeping the bricks in place is susceptible to elements and takes a great beating from rain, snow, and wind. With this, the structure of the building can collapse due to the weakened structure, which can be scary. At this point, the tuckpointing process will come in. The tuckpointing process involves removing and replacing old, damaged, and missing mortar from the brickwork. Once the deteriorated mortar has been removed, the joints will be filled with new mortar. It can be a delicate process requiring professional tuckpointing contractors in Chicago to get the job done correctly. What are you waiting for? Give MT Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago a call today! We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.


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