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MT Masonry has the local masonry contractors in Skokie you can trust to give you a full range of professional services for all kinds of home improvements. Our masonry company in Skokie offers chimney repair, tuckpointing, and masonry restoration by the best in the business. We have years of experience that has given us the skills to handle just about anything and our customers continue to trust our exceptional brand of quality work. We bring the best materials to every project so you can have the proper results whether you need chimney tuckpointing, a chimney cap repair, or fireplace services in Skokie. You can’t go wrong when you choose the expert masonry contractors from MT Masonry Skokie. That’s because we value our customers, providing top-quality workmanship using the finest materials where you need us most.

Tuckpointing, Chimney Repair, Window Caulking, and Masonry Restoration in Skokie – MT Masonry Does It All

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Masonry Restoration Skokie, IL

No building should have faulty, dilapidated masonry work. That’s why at MT Masonry, we have masonry contractors in Skokie that do the best work to restore the beauty of your structure on a budget that works for you. Our experts in masonry restoration in Skokie are the absolute best at what they do, so you can feel as confident in our work as we are.

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Masonry Construction Skokie, IL

When dealing with any masonry construction in Skokie, count on our team to leave you with the best quality workmanship. Many masonry companies in Skokie simply get the work done as quickly as possible with a substandard finish and a high price tag. But at MT Masonry in Skokie, all our masonry construction is handled professionally and within your budget.

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Tuckpointing Skokie, IL

Put your trust in MT tuckpointing contractors in Skokie and we’ll make your residential or commercial building look like new again with the skilled hands of tuckpointing experts. Expect part of your building to look like it was just constructed, so it will be completely renewed, and clean. When you want the very best of the tuckpointing companies in Skokie, make it MT Masonry.

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Chimney Repair Skokie, IL

A damaged chimney is a concern, but with MT Masonry here to help, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Our masonry contractors can handle any chimney repair in Skokie that you require with years of history in the industry. Our services make us the top company for chimney tuckpointing in Skokie, so call us for our incredible services when you need us most.

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Brickwork and Brick Repair Skokie, IL

Before your brickwork starts to break down, we can efficiently handle it with a timely brick repair in Skokie. We can work with your chimney, making it look beautiful and strengthening its structure with our chimney tuckpointing in Skokie. Reach out to us to find out all the details.

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Stonework in Skokie, IL

We love seeing the beauty in all building structures, so we provide top-quality stonework in Skokie to ensure every project is dealt with the right way. Let us consult with you about your preferences to ensure you receive the results you’re looking for.

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Firewalls Rebuild in Skokie, IL

Leave your firewall rebuild to the experts at MT Masonry Skokie and we’ll get it done perfectly. Contact us today to see what a true firewall rebuild should look like.

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Chimney Flashing Repair Skokie, IL

Even a small water leak can cause serious damage throughout your home. But it can be avoided by calling in the professionals at MT Masonry Skokie. We offer chimney flashing repair in Skokie that will take care of any open gaps to give you long-term, stress-free protection for your home. Our team can completely seal your chimney flashing to keep the water out.

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Chimney Crown Repair Skokie, IL

A chimney crown can make or break the look and functionality of the chimney. At MT Masonry Skokie, we specialize in chimney crown repair Skokie homeowners can trust to add curb appeal and value to your home, and it will not even take much of your budget. Call us to see how we do it.

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Chimney Cap Skokie, IL

A home chimney is not complete without a properly installed chimney cap in Skokie. Our team uses top-quality materials to provide the right chimney service in Skokie with a focus on the proper chimney cap installation methods. We will make sure that we proceed with the look of your existing chimney in mind for a clean and cohesive finish.

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Chimney Cap Repair Skokie, IL

Your chimney cap may be damaged, twisted out of place, or perhaps blown completely away. If you’re concerned about your chimney cap, contact MT Masonry for expert chimney cap repair in Skokie immediately. Count on our chimney service specialists.

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Fireplace Repair Skokie, IL

Your fireplace offers warmth, comfort, and a wonderful gathering place for the whole family. When you need fireplace repair in Skokie, call us professional fireplace services. We are fully equipped to deal with shapes and sizes, so your fireplace repair in Skokie is in great hands.

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Beam Replacement Skokie, IL

Rotting wood beams are cause for immediate beam replacement, and MT Masonry is ready to help. Your beams may be damaged from water and weather exposure or deteriorating from age, so our masonry contractors in Skokie can take care of the problem with a new beam replacement. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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Window Caulking Skokie, IL

Our window caulking in Skokie is a very popular service offered to both older and more modern homes that require that additional seal against drafts and leaks. We are able to apply window caulking to your building, closing all visible gaps. Speak to us about scheduling an inspection today.

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Lintel Replacement Skokie, IL

We keep your windows safe with professional contractors who understand how to handle lintel replacement in Skokie. Let us know your concerns and let us make sure your lintels remain safe.

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Sealing Waterproofing Skokie, IL

We enhance our full range of professional services with our expert waterproof sealing in Skokie and the rest of the Chicago area. This sealing service is suited for any property that needs additional protection against water leaks. We only use quality sealants with extra adhering capabilities to endure extreme weather. We offer regular and emergency waterproofing services.

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Steel Replacement Skokie, IL

Steel beams, when used for masonry in Skokie, are important for their fire resistance and structural integrity. We can make certain that your beams and frames are in perfect condition through our steel beam replacement service. Whether you are working with an unfinished home or a completed building, we can take care of it the right way.

power washing

Power Washing Skokie, IL

You should not consider any masonry restoration in Skokie complete without an accompanying power washing service. We have experienced contractors on our outstanding team with exceptional skills in many necessary services, including power washing. You can expect a thorough wash of your brickwork, concrete surfaces, and driveways. Call us today for your power washing.

glass windows

Glass Block Windows in Skokie, IL

You can add character and style to your property with our glass block windows. We manufacture and sell our glass block windows at a very affordable price, allowing you the ability to design your interior or exterior with fantastic custom windows by our glass block window specialists. This is highly specialized masonry handled by expert masonry contractors in Skokie to give your home or office the upgrade you need.

openings brick renovation
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Openings in Skokie, IL

Where and how many structural openings you have on your building can add value to your masonry construction in Skokie. This is all about the proper positioning of your doors and windows to achieve the curb appeal you want for your home. Our masonry company in Skokie is ready to consult with you to formulate a plan for your building structure.

See What Our Customers Are Saying About MT Masonry’s Chimney Repair and Fireplace Repair in Skokie

They Work Fast

MT Masonry completed my chimney repair in Skokie in only one day. They made it easy to book an appointment and their tuckpointing contractors were very helpful in answering all our questions. I am recommending this company to all my neighbors that need a chimney service in Skokie.

Skokie, IL

Great Work at a Great Price

I got an incredibly well-done tuckpointing in Skokie by MT Masonry. The tuckpointing contractors in Skokie matched the bricks on our home beautifully, and they even got the mortar just right so it looks like it was part of the initial build. We then called them for our window caulking and a little bit of brick repair in the backyard. Everything was completed with professionalism and the price was very reasonable. This is a fantastic company.

Skokie, IL

I Would Trust with My Home Then Again

The masonry contractors in Skokie that came from MT Masonry were terrific. Their team made everything clear and it was obvious that they cared about what I needed. The work was completed quickly and they were so accommodating. We were very pleased with our masonry restoration and chimney flashing repair in Skokie and if we ever need their services again, we will certainly call them.

Skokie, IL

Why People Choose MT Masonry’s Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors in Skokie

Friendly Masonry Contractors in Skokie

Our masonry contractors in Skokie are very cheerful, helpful, accommodating, and come to you with exceptional experience that continues to be enhanced through extensive training. Our team guarantees top-level craftsmanship for every project, no matter the scope or size. When you count on MT Masonry, you are trusting in the best masonry contractors in Skokie.

25 Years of Experience with Masonry in Skokie

For over 25 years, MT Masonry has delivered the highest standard of service as the leading masonry company in Skokie. We have an impeccable reputation that we are proud of and that you can rely on for the finest in masonry and tuckpointing services. Our masonry company in Skokie ensures exceptional attention to detail and reliability in all that we do. For any project, large or small, you can trust in our experienced professionals.

Outstanding Customer Service

We know that you want a company that treats you right. That’s why MT Masonry in Skokie will assess your needs to we will work hard to deliver exactly what you’re looking for, while also making sure that you are kept informed at every step in the process. That is how our masonry contractors in Skokie give you total satisfaction at the end of the job.

The Ultimate Professional Masonry & Tuckpointing in Skokie

Our masonry company in Skokie provides a guarantee on all our work. We are dedicated to giving you the highest level of quality in our professional masonry, tuckpointing, chimney repair, stoneworks, and fireplace services in Skokie. For every type of building structure, residential or commercial, we’ll make it stand the test of time.

Prices That Fit Your Budget

We have the best solutions available that can easily fit our services with your budget. We keep costs down because most of the marketing we do is through word-of-mouth, so there’s no salesperson that takes a piece of the pie. That way, you get the best possible price for any project you need. MT Masonry in Skokie is the most competitive price in town.

Free Estimates

Before you get your chimney repair, chimney tuckpointing, fireplace services, stoneworks, masonry, or tuckpointing in Skokie, MT Masonry provides you with a consultation to determine your needs and a free estimate that makes every part of the project clear. Our qualified and certified professionals will make you feel comfortable, and because we are insured too, you can have total peace of mind when you hire our masonry experts.

MT Masonry Skokie is the right company to bring you professional services that include tuckpointing and chimney repair in Skokie for your residential or business building. Call us today to hear more about what we do and how we can help you.

Masonry & Tuckpointing Skokie, IL – FAQ


Is it necessary to get tuckpointing in Skokie often?

It is generally accepted that mortar replacement may be necessary roughly every twenty-five to thirty years. But if your home endures wet conditions or severe weather frequently, you may require tuckpointing in Skokie more frequently.



Why do I need masonry construction in Skokie?

Masonry construction in Skokie offers many benefits. This service can help raise the value of your home or business property. It also provides structural strength and protection from the elements.


What can I expect from masonry restoration in Skokie?

Masonry restoration in Skokie is often seen as a refresh of existing masonry on historical or older buildings without the need for a full rebuild. You can expect your masonry to be repaired or replaced, including brick repair to make the building whole again with the original beauty restored.


Can I tell if my building needs masonry restoration in Skokie?

If your masonry no longer appears like it used to, it’s worth having your local masonry company in Skokie inspect it. Major “bowing” in your wall is a sure sign that you could benefit from masonry restoration. But if you are uncertain, our masonry contractors in Skokie can advise you.


Benefits Of Hiring Masonry Contractors Skokie, IL

Expertise: When minor issues in your stoneworks are not addressed by an expert right away, it would be dangerous to your property’s foundation. This kind of repair should be done by a reliable masonry company in Skokie, like MT Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractors. They apply strict safety guidelines and utilize high-quality materials in every project.

Efficiency: Professional masonry contractors in the Skokie area can also help you save money and time because they know what to do.

Resale value: Doing DIY masonry can be risky and might make the situation of your home worse. If you need a masonry restoration in the Skokie area or repair, professionals can complete the project faster and tremendously add value to your home.

Licensed and insured professionals: Before offering masonry construction services, construction companies should have proper licenses first to ensure that you invest in the right people who can bring your dream masonry project to life.


MT Masonry Chicago is the perfect choice to deliver services such as tuckpointing Chicago and chimney repair Chicago for your residential or commercial space. Call us today to know more about our services.


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