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For Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL Choose MT Masonry Restoration

Getting your existing masonry back into top shape is what our masonry restoration company in Chicago does. As expert masonry restoration contractors in Chicago, we understand that over the long term, masonry restoration solutions should take care of the root cause of any issue. That takes a keen understanding of the types of materials needed, best practices for masonry restoration in Chicago, local regulations, external factors, and structural blueprints. With our masonry company in Chicago, you get all the information you need so you can make the right decisions about your building’s masonry.

MT Masonry Restoration comes to you with highly skilled and fully certified experts in masonry restoration Chicago property owners trust for experience and effective masonry strategies. Utilizing all our years in the industry, along with the skills we’ve acquired in that time, we can deliver on any masonry restoration in Chicago or historic building preservation project, and we do it on time and on budget.

To learn more about how MT Masonry Restoration can improve your building’s structural integrity and beauty, contact our masonry restoration company in Chicago today.

FAQ – Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

How do I know if my structure needs masonry restoration?

You will notice that the appearance of the surface of your masonry units are changing. If you see this happen, it may be time to hire a masonry company in Chicago to perform masonry restoration in Chicago.

Do I need to be home during masonry restoration?​

Our masonry contractors in Chicago prefer to go over some project particulars with you at the site to make sure nothing is missed before completion, but you’re not really required to be home if you wish not to.

If I have damaged brick or bricks on my home, how will you find a brick to match?

It’s common for masonry restoration projects in Chicago to have difficulty in finding specific bricks that match your original structure, especially if the brick is not being produced anymore. What we do is find the best match possible.

What will you do to keep my property clean?

Masonry restoration in Chicago can get pretty messy, especially with all the meticulous work that needs to be done. Rest assured, though, that MT Masonry Contractors will do everything to keep your home as neat as possible.

What Is the Masonry Restoration Process Like?

Types of Repairs: Repair of masonry depends on the extent and type of damage. If the mortar is deteriorated or cracked, the issue is fixed by re-apply mortar. Meanwhile, large cracks in the wall require masonry restoration contractors in Chicago to place a rigid bar across the cracked area before applying mortar again.

Matching Brick: Leading masonry restoration companies in Chicago like MT Masonry Restoration allows you to choose from different bricks, having different colors, sizes, and materials for different building types.

During a masonry restoration or repair, the masonry restoration professionals who will work on the project will determine the matching brick or stone to the original building. On the other hand, masons prefer saving entire brick pieces from the original structure to put back afterward.

When the bricks are cracked or damaged, the masonry restoration contractors sometimes inject a limestone compound in the damaged area to fix it. When repair isn’t possible, they’ll search for new materials that look the closest to the old material.

Here Is Why You Should Never DYI Masonry Restoration Chicago, IL

A competent mason needs an insane amount of knowledge about materials, tools, and more for them to properly perform masonry restoration Chicago. A good example is you can’t use modern mortar on historic bricks. Nowadays, mortar can severely damage any bricks laid before the early 1930s. Another example is efflorescence is a term any skilled masonry contractors would know. It’s when salt crystals form on bricks that can eventually crack and damage the brick. Masonry work also requires very specific equipment which is not readily available in everyone’s home and buying it’s associated with higher expenses that you don’t want to spend. Though the initial price of masonry work may seem a lot, homeowners who choose to go with the pros often save money in the long run. Mt Masonry Restoration Chicago has the masonry contractors that you can count on to get the job done right. Call us today!


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