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Masonry Construction Chicago, IL – Trust Our Contractors

MT Masonry Construction is Chicago’s choice for professional commercial and residential masonry construction work. We bring you years of experience and we take pride in giving our customers reliable masonry contractors in Chicago that understand how to provide top-quality masonry construction work. And with our masonry company in Chicago, you can count on great affordable pricing too.

As the leader among masonry companies in Chicago, the majority of our business comes through referrals from happy customers, so we enjoy developing lasting relationships with each one based on trust, clear communication, and professionalism. We always work with you to ensure the results you want on time and on budget. Whether you are in construction or you’re a proud homeowner, our ultimate goal is the same, your satisfaction. MT Masonry Construction in Chicago is always here for you offering exceptional quality, superior service, and affordability. So call us for your masonry construction in Chicago today for a consultation and quote!

Advantages of Masonry Construction Chicago, IL

When it comes to masonry construction in Chicago, there are plenty of advantages that you can get. It can improve fire protection for the building and its occupants, which is why fireplaces are commonly made out of masonry.

Masonry offers high resistance against rotting, pests, weather, and natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes.

With masonry structures, it provides an attractive rustic or elegant look for your home or building. However, this would depend on the material used and the masonry contractors’ expertise.

Since masonry construction is durable and resistant, it can withstand large amounts of compressive weight loads.

It also increases the thermal mass of a building and has longer lifespans than any other building type. Also, masonry construction in Chicago will improve the resale value of your home or building.

Aside from all of the abovementioned things, masonry doesn’t rot, and insects such as ants and termites can’t destroy the structure.

FAQ – Masonry Construction Chicago, IL

What projects can masonry construction include?

Masonry construction Chicago projects can range from simple replacement of mortar, full wall builds, to structural reinforcement.


Can masonry construction help with my broken chimney?

Yes, When you need a masonry construction company in Chicago to fix your broken chimney or chimney crown, contact us at MT Masonry Construction. A damaged chimney is never safe to use, so allow us to fix it right away. If your chimney crown needs repair, the flat area of the chimney wrapped with cement asks us for help. The chimney crown is usually sloped to shed water, holding and protecting the chimney top.


What is considered masonry construction?

The standard materials used in masonry includes concrete block, brick, traditional stucco, and cut and natural stone.


Why should I choose masonry construction?

Masonry construction in Chicago increases your property value, offers structural soundness, and many more. Call our masonry construction experts!

How To Maintain Long-Lasting Brick Masonry Construction Chicago, IL

Masonry structures have proven durable for many centuries, but it doesn’t mean that your masonry structure will last without proper care. To ensure that your Chicago masonry structure outlives you, there are few secrets you can utilize.  MT Masonry Construction Chicago has listed some tricks to keep your masonry beautiful for many years:

Check for signs of wear and tear and water damage

Your eavestrough should not overflow and run down on your brick wall to avoid water damage.

Have regular maintenance to complete necessary tuckpointing.

If you notice any problem or damage in your masonry structure, make sure to call our reliable masonry contractors Chicago. Here are some tips for maintaining your structure beautiful and durable for many years.

Do not use moldy bricks in masonry construction.

Address brick damage by calling the professionals

If there are crumbling or damaged bricks, apply brick masonry techniques

Follow proper cleaning methods.


MT Masonry Chicago is the perfect choice to deliver services such as tuckpointing, masonry and chimney repairs for your residential or commercial space. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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