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Chimney Repair Chicago, IL – MT Chimney Repair

So many things can cause problems on your chimney, from aging mortar that crumbles and leaves holes, to cracks in the lining, and general deterioration due to constant exposure to weather. It’s not uncommon to notice something is wrong without realizing exactly what it is when your chimney stops venting properly. That’s where MT Chimney Repair in Chicago comes in with specialists that know how to diagnose and fix the problem.

MT Chimney Repair has provided chimney repair in Chicago for a long time and our contractors are fully certified and experienced masons. For any chimney issues, including chimney cap repair, chimney crown repair, or chimney flashing repair in Chicago, we work with only top-quality materials.

Chimney repair is a significant necessity to keep your home safe and secure as a chimney safely removes harmful gasses and smoke from your home. A damaged chimney can lead to a house fire, deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, or a smoky fireplace. And if not handled properly, you could suffer other problems, including water leaks. That’s why MT Chimney Repair in Chicago has the experts to take care of it quickly.

Signs You Need Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

White Staining or Efflorescence: Having this is a clear indication of excess moisture in the masonry. If not addressed right away, it will lead to premature deterioration of the chimney and other problems related to moisture. MT Chimney Repair in Chicago can help you install a chimney flashing to repair this problem.

Cracked Chimney Crown: The Chimney crown is a significant part of the chimney structure. This is your first line of defense against harsh weather conditions. If you notice a cracked chimney crown, call us for chimney crown repair in Chicago.

Spalling Bricks: Once moisture enters masonry, it can force the surface of the concrete, bricks, or stone to peel off or flake off. MT Chimney Repair will replace damaged masonry to prevent continued crumbling and chimney destruction to address this issue.

Rust:Rust is often overlooked and will only be noticed when something doesn’t work anymore. If you notice signs pointing to an oxidation problem, call our company.

Damaged Mortar Joints: When mortar deteriorates, chimney masonry becomes exposed to moisture. Call MT Chimney Repair Chicago professionals to have it fixed.

The importance of Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

The chimney draws out smoke and harmful gases from your fireplace to outdoors. These gases have to be removed because some of them are extremely dangerous such as carbon monoxide.

Another basic purpose of chimneys is to suck up excessive heat coming from the fireplace. This process is vital as most items inside your home are combustible or easily catch fire when a certain temperature is reached.

Among the common issues that need chimney repair in Chicago includes chimney blockage, creosote deposits, crumbling brickwork, holes or cracks in the flue, collapsing or cracking chimney, lead chimney flashings, chimney cap and pot damage, and many more.

If you see any of these issues on your chimney, contact us at MT Chimney Repair in Chicago right away to get expert chimney cap repair and other kinds of chimney services you need. While it is not time to use your fireplace, fix the issues it has to enjoy a working chimney or fireplace the time you need it. Call MT Chimney Repair in Chicago today!

Best Time For Chimney Repair Chicago, IL

Winter in Chicago can be very rough on chimneys, especially when the temperatures are wildly fluctuating. The mixture of cold temperatures, rain, snow, freezing, and thawing can lead to masonry damage and chimney damage. Homeowners understand that their chimneys need professional repair and maintenance to ensure their condition. However, many homeowners are wondering when the best time to have their chimneys checked and repaired is? 

Our professional chimney contractors suggest that a chimney repair Chicago should be done after the winter season or in the summer season when the weather is better. 

Ask the professionals at Mt Chimney Repair Chicago to schedule your chimney repairs or chimney service right after the winter season. This is when your contractor is more likely to allow the needed time to have repair. Our company specializes in chimney repair, and we have many years of experience restoring the interior and exterior part of your chimney.


MT Masonry Chicago is the perfect choice to deliver services such as tuckpointing, masonry and chimney repairs for your residential or commercial space. Call us today to learn more about our services.


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