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Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL – Check Our Lintel Replacement Service

A lintel is known as horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or a window. Now, it can be a load-bearing building component, a decorative architectural element, or a combined ornamented structural item.

When you have damaged lintels, it can result in structural cracks and instability. It can also result in water penetration which can be very challenging to have a lintel replacement done in Chicago.

The lintel replacement process is the stainless steel bars and/or ties are bonded into the brickwork using either resin or grout to create a masonry lintel. The support systems are cost-effective and provide the strength and rigidity necessary to install windows and doors.

In most cases, the lintel will need to be replaced entirely. However, when there are visible cracks, a repair won’t be enough. Due to the nature of work, lintel replacement in Chicago should be carried out by professional contractors as the exterior walls will need to remain supported while the lintel is being replaced.

FAQ – Lintel Replacement Chicago, IL

What exactly are lintels, and why do they matter?

Lintels, which are normally composed of steel, support the doors and windows. Lintels must be sturdy and in good condition to efficiently support walls because these openings are susceptible sections of any construction.

What are the telltale symptoms that I need lintel replacement?

Mortar cracks: If you’ve found cracks in the corners of your doors or windows, your lintels are probably in need of repair.

Line cracks in mortar: More severe deterioration might result in cracks along the length of your walls. It’s also possible that stones or bricks have moved out of place, necessitating action.

Thus, lintel replacement Chicago is in order. Call MT Lintel Replacement & Lintel Repair in Chicago  for more information.

What causes the deterioration of a lintel?

Lintels will eventually deteriorate on their own, but harsh weather can hasten the process. Corrosion is encouraged by the cold and wet winters, which is why it’s so necessary to inspect on a frequent basis. Corrosion causes the steel to expand, putting strain on the walls. Cracks and displacement are caused by the added weight. Contact MT Lintel Replacement & Lintel Repair in Chicago if you think you need our help.


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