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Chimney Cap Repair Chicago, IL

Every chimney should have a chimney cap, a small metal cover on top that keeps pests and elements out. When your home doesn’t have a chimney cap, or if you do, but it has large holes in it, look for a reliable chimney cap company to get a high-quality chimney cap repair in Chicago.

During winter, squirrels and birds will gather on your rooftop because of the heat coming from your fireplace. The chimney cap helps prevent these small animals from entering your chimney, keeping them out of your home. Heavy-duty chimney caps also include a spark guard that protects your roof from the damage caused by rising gases and embers.

We at MT Chimney Cap in Chicago can install a high-quality cap in your chimney so you can enjoy a well-heated place without worrying about roof damage. We also offer chimney cap repair in the Chicago area to provide a solution for damaged but repairable chimney caps.

Chimney Cap Chicago, IL – What Is It

Before the cold weather sets and the holiday season starts, it is recommended to have an annual chimney inspection to ensure that your chimney is in good shape. 

One of the things you have to ensure is that your chimney cap Chicago is in good condition. Your chimney cap protects you from keeping out the rain, debris, critters and makes your chimney safer. Some homeowners are confused with a chimney cap and chase covers. Remember that the chimney cap is the protective covering located at the top of the chimney and is made of steel or copper mesh, and comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes to match your chimney structure and the outside of your home. 

Mt Chimney Cap Chicago offers annual inspections and can help you install your chimney cap to keep you warm and safe during the entire cold season. Call us!


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